Creating Mindful Spaces

from Wolf & Whimsy kids

why create a mindful space?

Mindfulness is the intentional awareness of thoughts and feelings that lead to actions.
⭐️ How and why you were thinking, feeling, and acting
⭐️ Whether the way you were acting is appropriate
⭐️ Awareness of what it is and what you can do to shift these thoughts, feelings, and actions

 By teaching kids to be present, mindfulness helps them manage stress, anxiety, and difficult emotions,  improves focus and concentration, enhances learning abilities in school, cultivates empathy and compassion, promoting positive interactions with peers and adults... the list goes on and on.

Almost anything you do can be turned into a mindful activity.
If you're unsure of where to start, Creating Mindful Spaces is for you!
There is no magic formula to being mindful 🪄
Be creative and have fun!

Mindfulness equips our kids with essential life skills that promote emotional well-being, self-awareness, and healthy relationships.

By introducing mindfulness practices early in life, we empower children to navigate life with a greater sense of inner peace, ultimately setting a strong foundation for their overall mental and emotional development.

Wondering What’s inside? take a look!

Mindfulness includes addressing social emotional well-being concepts such as:
🌈self love & acceptance
🌈emotional regulation and self regulation
🌈building positive relationships with yourself and others
🌈goal setting
🌈releasing emotions and thoughts that are unaligned
🌈recognition of feelings, their origin, and whether they are meant to stick around or pass
🌈… and so much more!

Wolf and Whimsy Kids is such an inspiring and playful brand!
My boys love to do the different mindfulness activities she shares.

We really enjoy her book “ROAR like a Dragon”. The book gives exercises that the kids can learn to do on their own and/or with their parent which teaches them emotional development and intelligence as well as nervous system regulation. It allows you to use your imagination and transform into the different animals creating a fun & connecting experience for all!

As a homeschool mom and a registered nurse, I highly recommend to check out all this brand has to offer!

It is a beautiful way to expand and grow with your littles whether you are a mama, homeschool teacher, grandparent, love and care for a child in anyways and hey let’s be real.. we all have a inner child within us that would love to come out and play using this fun techniques!! 

jackie B

The book that you sent [ROOOAAARRR! Like A Dragon] just arrived, so we got to read it to the kids last night, and they loved it.

It's a beautiful book.
Thank you so much for sending it to us.

I love that you incorporated beautiful breathing exercises and imaginal mindfulness. That's just perfect…perfect for kids.

Perfect for where my kids are developmentally right now.
So thank you.

Amy B

what's inside creating mindful spaces

🧡 Mindfulness - What it is, Benefits, & Tips for Best Practice
🧡 Mindfulness & Growth Mindset - benefits of + how to
🧡 Mindfulness & Flexible Seating  - benefits of + how to
🧡 Mindfulness & Boredom -  - benefits of + an activity
🧡 7 Genres of Mindfulness, including writing, guided imagery, breathwork, mindful movement vs. physical education, and more!
🧡 Practicing Mindfulness, including Encouraging Mindfulness, Encouraging Conversation, Creating a Space, Using Classroom Material
🧡 20 Mindful Activities for your Space
🧡 Other Resources to include mindfulness in your space

what's inside creating mindful spaces

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