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Wolf and Whimsy Kids is such an inspiring and playful brand!
My boys love to do the different mindfulness activities she shares.

We really enjoy her book “ROAR like a Dragon”. The book gives exercises that the kids can learn to do on their own and/or with their parent which teaches them emotional development and intelligence as well as nervous system regulation. It allows you to use your imagination and transform into the different animals creating a fun & connecting experience for all!

As a homeschool mom and a registered nurse, I highly recommend to check out all this brand has to offer!

It is a beautiful way to expand and grow with your littles whether you are a mama, homeschool teacher, grandparent, love and care for a child in anyways and hey let’s be real.. we all have a inner child within us that would love to come out and play using this fun techniques!! 

jackie B

The book that you sent [ROOOAAARRR! Like A Dragon] just arrived, so we got to read it to the kids last night, and they loved it.

It's a beautiful book.
Thank you so much for sending it to us.

I love that you incorporated beautiful breathing exercises and imaginal mindfulness. That's just perfect…perfect for kids.

Perfect for where my kids are developmentally right now.
So thank you.

Amy B

At Wolf and Whimsy Kids the goal is simple: empower kids and activate their magic.


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