Guided Imagery collection

With these guided imagery scripts for kids, you will be giving your kids the tools they need to reduce stress and anxiety, ease tension, release emotions, and shift their energy so they can be inspired, creative, and happy kids!

Relax all the muscles in your body…

Feel your body sinking deeper and deeper into the space…

Take a deeeep breath in…

Slooow breath out…
⭐️You are made of magic⭐️

Gimme the guided imagery!

These stories focus on a particular feeling or aspect of living such as happiness, sadness, bullying, fear, etc. and activate the five senses of the body. The telling of these stories include such vivid detail that the listener can actually feel, taste, smell, hear, and see in their minds the surroundings and events described in the story.

Guided imagery is widely used for helping kids achieve a state of peace.

It is THE tool for kids to learn:

🌈recognize their thoughts and emotions

🌈name their emotions 

🌈understand their thoughts & emotions, as well as where they come from

🌈recognize how their thoughts & emotions feel in their body

🌈recognize how their thoughts & emotions make them feel heavy

🌈… and so much more!

Inside the Guided Imagery Collection:

🌟tips for best guided imagery practice

🌟Ujjayi breathing technique + how to practice

🌟6 guided imagery scripts

Guided imagery is a method of achieving a state of relaxation by listening to someone, either in-person or a recording, tell a story.

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